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Protective Treatments
Silmac Can Cover It All

Protective coatings for Plastersol, Aluminium and Steel Cladding, whether for the refurbishment of weathered cladding or simply for a change of colour, the use of a Steel & Cladding Coating can transform the appearance of a building and add years to the time before expensive cladding replacement is needed.

Hygiene Coatings
Anti Bacterial Acrylic Eggshell or Matt finish is a high performance; tough acrylic resin based interior coating, ideal for hygiene conscious environments and areas subject to frequent cleaning.


  • Inhibits growth of MRSA and E.Coli
  • Contains Silver Ion technology
  • Proven to actively inhibit bacteria

Anti-Mould Acrylic coatings, to protect against algal and fungi growth.

2-pack Epoxy Water Based Wall Coatings; to provide durability against chemical attack and abrasion or were harsh cleaning agents are used; abattoirs, milking parlours.

Protective coatings may be used to counter the effects of a wide range of common problems such as weather corrosion, wear and tear or graffiti as well as for fireproofing. Silmac offers a full range of protective treatments for most types of surface and provides coating solutions for a wide range of customers including architects, civil engineers, industrial building owners, property managers and developers, petrochemical and pharmaceutical plants, pressure vessel manufacturers.

Silmac can specify a wide range of coatings approved to stringent national standards such as and Network Rail and Highways Agency