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Taking The Heat

Silmac can specify and apply Intumescent water borne Coatings for steel sections and hollow sections to comply with the latest building regulations. This service will be of particular interest to Architects, Civil Engineers, Builders and Renovation Specialists.

Preamture loss of structural integrity, rapid flame spread and undue levels of heat, smoke and toxic fume emissions are all serious contributors to fire danger. Under attack by fire, any substance in any situation can be converted into a potential or actual lethal hazard.

Intumescent coatings applied to structural steelwork will expand their original thickness up to fifty times when subjected by intense heat and fire, forming a thick insulating layer to the structural steelwork reducing flame spread and slowing down the rate of heating. Structural steelwork reaching a critical heat temperature can have a serious effect on the load bearing capabilities, which could be lost, and could then buckle or collapse. When a building is on fire "Time" is what is needed to evacuate, then try to bring the fire under control.