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Fast Action Roller Shutter Doors
Fast Action Roller Shutter Doors

Fast Action Roller Shutter Doors

  • Superior wind resistance without reinforcement bars!
  • Flexi-Edge Safety System - will not close on personnel or obstacles
  • No exposed mechanism
  • U.K. Made - Rapid response service and repair.
  • Vision Panels - Horizontal or Vertical
  • Selection of Colours
  • Cost effective energy saving solution
  • Rapid delivery (typically only 3 weeks)
  • Installed by Qualified Engineers

Rapid response service and repair

Made in UK. Rapid response service and repair

Unlike many systems on the market our high-speed doors and roller shutter doors are manufactured in the U.K. This means that we are able to rapidly order and obtain replacement parts and respond quickly to all your industrial door service and maintenance requirements.

We also offer a full factory maintenance service. Please contact us for more details...

Benefits of Fast Action Doors

Our unique range has been developed specifically for high-speed operation and is designed to cope with constant use without fatigue or failure. The rapid closure provides a major contribution to energy saving by reducing the amount of heat loss that occurs whilst doors are open. In addition, a unique sealing guide (USG - Patent pending) helps to prevent the ingress of dust and rodents, as well as reducing draughts. The high-speed doors also incorporate an easy repair system (ERS - Patent pending) to minimize maintenance downtime and subsequent labour costs.

Door curtains comprise of a 900 gram reinforced polyester weave with a PVC coating and the horizontal or vertical vision panels are clear PVC. The rigid construction and high wind load design negate the need for additional reinforcing bars whilst an extensive choice of colours enables customers to enhance the visual appearance of their premises and complement corporate branding.

Roller Shutter Doors

Safety features

As the door is operated any obstacles or personnel in its path are detected by photo-cell sensors which automatically return the door to its open position. These sensors are positioned within the guides to remove the possibility of personal injury or damage to goods, vehicles etc.

Units are operated through the use of a control panel with either standard push button controls or a membrane key-pad and doors travel at approximately 1.7 metres per second. Each door is fitted with a frequency inverter system as standard.


Customers have a choice of systems for door operation including remote control, pull cords, push button stations, induction loop, microwave movement detectors, and so on. Our expert team is able to provide advice on the best solution for your individual business requirements, helping you to reduce energy costs and optimize your traffic flow.

Optical Safety Edge

Optical Safety Edge or Flexi-Edge System

Traditional solid safety edge doors have been known to have inherent safety issues such as injuries to personnel through side impacts. The unique Flexi-Edge System provides the ultimate in industrial door safety, removing the need for a traditional solid safety edge. Flexi-Edge technology is available now on all Amyco internal high-speed doors.

The easy to install Amyco system also provides what is probably the most cost-effective safety solution available on the market. This means that businesses can feel safe in the knowledge that they have installed the best system for the safety of staff and visitors.

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